What are the advantages of ACSR conductor?

Electricity is a renewable resource. At present, infrastructure construction, power installation and other projects are inseparable from steel-cored aluminum strands. Steel-cored aluminum strands are often used in high-voltage transmission lines in the power industry. They have high conductivity, good thermal stability, Low sag, self-damping and other advantages. It is a necessary way to transmit power from the power generation end to the power receiving end, and the steel-cored aluminum stranded wire of the overhead transmission line occupies a very important position. Everyone knows that ACSR is used for power transmission, but do you know where the advantages of ACSR are?

1. It is more conducive to improving the strength of the wire

The installation of high-voltage power is mainly concentrated in the suburbs and rural areas with low load density. The reason why many high-voltage power installation projects are more suitable to choose steel-cored aluminum stranded wire is because steel-cored aluminum stranded wire is more conducive to improving the strength of the conductor, and its internal steel wires are more, which can greatly improve the strength of the conductor.

2. Work normally at high temperature

The steel core bears the mechanical load of the conductor, and the main contribution of the aluminum strand to the conductor is to bear the current rather than the mechanical load, so the operating temperature of the conductor will not be limited by the softening characteristics of the aluminum strand. The working temperature is completely determined by the softening characteristics of the steel core, the recrystallization temperature is higher, and the normal mechanical strength is maintained at a higher temperature. It has good anti-corrosion performance and thermal stability, and the long-term working temperature is as high as 250 without reducing its mechanical strength. Under high temperature conditions, the sag does not change significantly. It also has its own damping characteristics, which is beneficial to reduce the breeze vibration and line loss of the transmission line.

acsr4 conductor
acsr4 conductor

3. No geographical restrictions

The installation and maintenance of steel-cored aluminum stranded wire is very convenient, the transmission capacity is large, and it is also conducive to crossing rivers, valleys and other geographical conditions. It has the advantages of good electrical conductivity, sufficient mechanical strength, high tensile strength and increased pole-tower spacing, and iswidely used in overhead and distribution lines of various voltage levels.

4. Corrosion resistance

The anti-corrosion performance is mainly manifested in the formation of an oxidation protective layer on the surface of the steel-reinforced aluminum stranded wire when it is in contact with the air. This protective layer protects the product from various forms of external corrosion. It is used in many harsh environments, so products made of aluminum have higher wattage than other wires.