What is ab cable? technical specifications for ab cable

Aerial bundled conductors, or ABC cables, are a type of overhead power line that uses several insulated phase conductors bundled together. ABC cables are similar to bundled conductor cables, except that the phase conductors are closer together and each conductor is surrounded by an insulating layer (except for the neutral line).

ABC cables can be used to replace bare conductor cables in overhead distribution systems. They are especially well-suited for use in urban areas with congested power distribution and narrow lanes and by-lanes. The latest generation of ABC cables undergoes intensive quality testing to ensure safety and reliability.


AB Cable Application

Aerial Bundled cable are suitable for the following functions:

  • In power theft prone areas.
  • As replacement of bare lines in rural areas, in woods, other localities & narrow street where space is limited.
  • As replacement of bare lines where reliability of supply is of prime importance and where high degree of stability of supply voltage is of importance.
  • In hilly terrains where cost of erection of overhead lines of under ground cable becomes very high.
  • In hilly terrains where cost of erection of overhead lines of under ground cable becomes very high.
  • As reinforcement of existing system without increasing voltage.
  • For temporary supplies.

AB Cable Features

  • XLPE/PE Insulation: high temperature resistance, good aging resistance, good environment.
  • AAC/AAAC/ACSR Conductor: conductor material, good strength, good corrosion resistance.
  • Quality Guaranteed: factory direct sales, best quality, best price
  • Strict Quality Control: layers of inspection, strict control, qualtiy assurance

    AB Cable Size Specifications

    Number of cores x nominal cross sectionmin. breaking load of conductor strandCurrent rating in the airOuter diameterTotal weight
    1×16+1x 25 RM6.46115.3160
    3×16+1x 25 RM6.46119290
    3×25+1x 25 RM6.48423.2400
    3×35+1x 25 RM6.410425.6500
    3×50+1x 35 RM8.912930680
    3×70+1x 50 RM12.116734.9920
    3×95+1x 70 RM1820940.61270
    3×120+1x 70 RM1824644.11510
    3×150+1x 95 RM24.228349.21870
    3×185+1×120 RM30.833254.92340
    3×25+1×25+1×16 RM6.48423.2470
    3×35+1×25+1×16 RM6.410425.6560
    3×50+1×35+1×16 RM8.912930740
    3×70+1×50+1×16 RM12.116734.9980
    3×95+1×70+1×16 RM1820940.61330
    3×120+1×70+1×16 RM1824644.11580
    3×150+1×95+1×16 RM24.228349.21940
    3×185+1×120+1×16 RM30.833254.92410
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