What is Armored Cable? What are the advantages?

Armored cable means that the outer layer of the cable is covered with a protective layer. There are usually two types, steel tape armored and steel wire armored, in order to protect the structural integrity and electrical performance of the cable and improve the service life of the cable. The appearance looks like the cable is wearing armor, so it is called armored cable. The design of the armored cable can reduce the damage of the cable during the extrusion process and reduce the frequency of short circuits. At the same time, the armored cable is wrapped with steel tape or wire, which can also prevent the mice and insects from eating in the wild. , to protect the transmission of electric power in the wild. Armored cables are usually used in geographical conditions, and can be used for cable trench laying or direct burial, and the armored layer can be grounded to protect the cable.


What are the advantages of armored cables?

  1. High mechanical strength
    It can be used to modify the protective layer of cable machinery on the cable of any structure. It can enhance the mechanical strength of the cable and have an anti-corrosion effect. It can avoid mechanical damage or corrosion, so that the designed wire and cable. It can be laid by any method, and the modified cable of the steel belt is laid straight, and it will bear an external force in the horizontal direction. And the steel wire armored cable is installed in some vertical installation positions such as shafts.
  2. Strong resistance to external force
    And after the armor layer is added to the cable, its tensile strength can be enhanced, and its strength will also be improved, thereby increasing the service life of the machine. Moreover, the armored cable has excellent resistance to external forces, which can avoid heavy bites. And its armor layer can be grounded for use, which can protect the cable.

The difference between armored cable and non-armored cable

  1. Different structure
    Compared with unarmored cables, armored cables have an additional layer of metal reinforcement on the surface.
  2. The scope of application is different
    The surface of the armored cable has a reinforced layer, which is suitable for use when buried in the ground. The surface of the unarmored cable has no reinforced layer, so it is generally not suitable for buried underground, but in other cases, unarmoured cables are generally used.

Moreover, the uses of armored cables and unarmoured cables are different. Armored cables are used when buried underground. In direct burial and laying, armored cables will be required. Non-armored cables cannot be used when buried, and non-armored cables are used in other cases.