What is OPGW Cable?

What is OPGW cable? This article will discuss the main features of this multifunctional overhead ground wire. OPGW cables are made up of strands of optical fibers that serve a variety of purposes. They protect transmission lines from lightning while transmitting data, voice, or video signals. This article also explains how these cables are made. Read on to learn more! Also, discover the different benefits and features of OPGW cable.
OPGW cable is a multi-functional overhead ground wire
OPGW cable is a type of transmission wire that is used to replace traditional static wires. It is installed at the highest point of a transmission tower and serves dual purposes as a ground and shielding wire. In addition to providing lightning resistance and short-circuit current, OPGW cable is suitable for use in new power lines. In addition to grounding power lines, OPGW cable can conduct data, voice, and video signals and is compatible with extra-high-voltage power lines.
OPGW cables are similar to regular ground wires in terms of design. OPGWs are usually composed of two layers: a protective layer on the ground and a layer on the upper surface. These layers are designed to shield high-voltage cables below from accidental contact. Additionally, the high-voltage cables below protect the optical circuits from damage during excavation work. Furthermore, because the OPGW cable is so similar to regular grounding wires, they have the same dimensions as regular cables. Moreover, they do not add extra load to towers due to cable weight and wind loads.

OPGW cable is also made of a metal wire wrapped around the fiber optics. Compared to other optical cables, OPGW cable is stronger and more stable than their counterparts. This composite cable also reduces construction time and costs. Its aluminum alloy wire is equivalent to a good conductor and reduces power frequency overvoltage and electric current. It is also more reliable, stable, and durable than its counterparts, which can help reduce electrical current, power frequency overvoltage, and other harmful effects of a transmission line.
OPGW cables are similar to conductors in that they combine the functions of a ground wire with a patch for voice, video, or data signal transmission. The cables are insulated from environmental conditions such as moisture and lightning and are protected by a stainless steel tube. In addition to providing a superior level of protection, OPGW cables are also suitable for high-voltage lines over 110KV. As long as they are insulated, they can be erected on the same pole as power lines.