What is the application of abc cable? How to use abc cable?

ABC cable is a kind of bundled overhead wire, suitable for rated voltage 0.6/1KV transmission lines, distribution lines, etc. It is widely used in high-rise buildings, tourism development zones, rural areas or other places where the cost of laying underground power grid is high. Low Voltage ABC (Low Voltage ABC) is used in many countries around the world.

ABC cable, or aerial bundled cable, is a widely used overhead power line technology. It consists of several aluminum conductors bundled tightly together and is typically used for overhead power distribution from a power source to multiple customers. ABC cable typically consists of three single-phase insulated conductors with bare grounded neutral conductor. ABC cable is often used in rural areas, where undergrounding and trenching may be impractical or too expensive. It is also used for secondary distribution in urban and suburban areas.


Application of overhead ABC cable

The overhead conductor bundles cables to replace the bare conductor cables in the overhead power distribution system. It is ideal for use in urban areas with congested power distribution and narrow lanes. The flexible system is much simpler than traditional overhead power lines, and can change routes in response to changes in urban development plans. Therefore, we need to find a reliable ABC overhead cable manufacturer.

It provides increased security in complex terrains such as forested areas, coastal areas and hilly areas. Accelerating tree growth is a significant problem in climates that use higher humidity, increasing the potential risk of bush fires. If wires tied in the air are touched by a branch, they will not bend.


The ABC cable can be used in the following ways

  • Replace exposed overhead power lines in rural areas
  • In places where space is limited, such as narrow streets and alleys
  • In forests and forests, it increases the risk of damage from falling branches and trees
  • As an alternative to exposed overhead power lines, the most important of which is supply life
  • High voltage stability of the power supply is essential
  • As an enhancement to the existing overhead power system without the need to increase voltage
  • In areas with difficult terrain, such as mountains, the price of installing underground cables or overhead power lines is very high.