Medium Voltage Power Cable

What Is MV Power Cable?

MV Power Cables are designed to operate at voltages up to 18/30 (36) kv and are typically used in medium-voltage distribution networks. The conductors can be made from copper or aluminum, and are usually stranded and compacted to form a round, insulated core. Cable sizes can range from 25 up to 630 per core, with 1 or 3 insulated cores making up the cable. Various protective measures can be employed, such as construction and materials for direct burial, longitudinal and/or radial water tightness, anti-termite protection, and fire safety.

MV Power Cable Stanards

Our company provides a variety of standard medium voltage cables, it including:

Medium Voltage Cable StandardMedium Voltage Cable Standard Voltage range
BS6622voltage rating from 3.3/6kV to 19/33kV
BS7835voltage rating from 3.3/6kV to 19/33kV
BS787011kV and 33kV
IEC 60502-2voltage rating between 6kV and 30kV
DIN VDE 0276nominal voltages 3.6kV to 20.8/36kV

MV Power Cable Construction

Formation 1 core, 3 core, 3×1 core Triplex
Conductor Cu or AL, Stranded Circular, Stranded Compact Circular, Milliken Segmented
Insulation XLPE or TR-XLPE or EPR
Metallic screen or sheathCopper Wire Screen (CWS), Copper Tape Screen (CTS), Lead alloy sheath (LAS), Corrugated Aluminium sheath (CAS), Corrugated Copper sheath (CCU), Corrugated Stainless Steel (CSS), Aluminium poly laminated (APL), Copper Poly Laminated (CPL), Aldrey wire screen (AWS)
Armoured Aluminium Wire Armoured (AWA), Steel Wire Armoured (SWA), Stainless Steel Wire Armoured (SSWA)
Termite ProtectionPolyamide Nylon Jacket, Double brass tape (DBT), Cypermethrin
Bedding/ Separation sheath/ Over sheathPVC, LSHF, LDPE, MDPE, HDPE

Medium Voltage Power Cable Specifications

IEC Copper/Aluminum Conductor Specifications:

IEC 502 – Rated Voltage 1.8/3.0 – 18/30 kV
Twisted Aerial Cables
2-4 cores
up to 18/30 kV: 50-120
2-3 cores
+ steel messenger 
up to 18/30 kV: (50-150)+50
Single Core
copper tape screen
3.6/6 kV: 25-630
6/10 kV: 25-630
8.7/15 kV: 25-630
12/20 kV: 35-630
18/30 kV: 50-630
copper wire screen
aluminium tape armor 
aluminium wire armor 
lead sheath
copper tape screen

lead sheath
aluminium tape armor
lead sheath
aluminium wire armor

Three Cores
with individual copper tape screen and PVC core covering
3.6/6 kV: 25-300
6/10kV: 25-300
8.7/15 kV: 25-300
12/20kV: 35-300
18/30kV: 50-300
steel round wire armor 
steel flat wire armor 
double steel tape armor 
lead sheath 
lead sheath
double steel tape armor 
lead sheath
steel round wire armor
lead sheath
steel flat wire armor 

Medium Voltage Power Cable Deliver

mv power cable package mv power cable package

Professional Supplier

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Business Type:Manufacturer, Marketing
Factory size: 2000-3000 sq mt

Quality Control

ISO9001:2015 certificate
CE certificate
CCC certificate

Multi Standard

We strictly according to GB, IEC, ASTM, BS, DIN, VED, EN NFC standards to manufacture the products

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